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Google Cloud Platform was built to elevate people—to help people take their work further with Google technology and capabilities. Today faculty, researchers, administrators, and makers are taking advantage of Google Cloud Platform to build what's next.

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Learners and Makers

Stanford Medicine uses Google Cloud Platform to help scientists store and analyze massive genomic datasets

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Popular tools for higher education

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing solutions for storage, compute capacity, Big Data and Machine Learning. Explore some of the most popular products for higher education.

App Engine

A platform for building scalable web applications and mobile backends.

Cloud SQL

Store and manage data using a fully-managed, relational MySQL database.


A fast, economical, and fully-managed data warehouse for large-scale analytics.

Cloud Translation API

Create multilingual apps and translate text into other languages programmatically.

Container Engine

Run Docker containers on Google’s infrastructure, powered by Kubernetes.

Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Fast, large scale, and easy-to-use Machine Learning services.

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Training and support


Training and certification

Explore online and in-person trainings in technical skills and best practices with GCP.


Faculty Training Center

Resources to get started with GCP in your classroom.

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